Why You Should Travel

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Humans have been migrating in some form or another, since we crawled out of the primordial soup.

ONCE we built settlements, domesticated animals and began to cultivate the land, there was less of a need for continuous mass migration. There were, and still remains, cultures whose way of life involves regular, seasonal treks however.

This is a condensed and simplified version of thousands of years of human history, but you get the point.

We moved around a lot.

The human body was designed to respond best to being in motion. A sedentary lifestyle leads to an early demise. Bones, in conjunction with tendons, connected to muscles, all surrounded by flowing liquid, created to do one thing well, promote movement.

Its inherently in our DNA.

whether it is for gold, land, converts or knowledge, humans continue to venture into the unknown.

We all know the stories of the Viking Raiders, Marco Polo, Columbus’ voyages, Spanish Conquistadors, Lewis & Clark, and a host of others. However you feel about their explorations and the conflicts they caused, there is one thing they all had in common, and that was the ability to overcome fear.

Fear that the world was flat, fear of the open ocean, fear of bandits, of deserts, of mountains, of strange-looking people. there were superstitions and suppositions, hundreds of things for thousands of years.

It may seem silly to us now, in our age of jets and science, but the ancients truly believed that dragons ruled the skies and monsters ruled the seas. Without proper maps or the ability to navigate however, a sea monster was probably the least of their worries.

Maybe that type of travel isn’t your cup of tea, or possibly you have a fear or dislike of flying and that’s perfectly fine.

Fortunately for you, there are a multitude of ways that one can use to get from one place to another, without ever boarding a plane.

for a more in-depth look at the various means, see my article The many ways to travel.

You probably have the desire, but maybe it’s the unknown that’s stopping you. You don’t have to be an ancient seafarer to fear stepping onto a foreign shore, it affects everyone in some shape or form.

But unlike those explorers of old, we have PLENTY of knowledge and information about different locations, to help us. With research and information, the unknown becomes known. The more you know about a place, the less scary it becomes. Also, going with others, alleviates a lot of first-time travel anxiety. Dig into some of my articles here, to get tips on how to overcome a travelers’ top fears and objections.

Traveling can be the answer to life’s most puzzling questions.

Work stressing you out, take a trip. The ex pissing you off, take a trip.

Political correctness getting on your last 3 nerves, take a trip.

Kids driving you crazy, drop em at moms' place…

then take a trip.

Got a decent refund and aren’t sure what to do with it, well I am,

Take. A. Damn. Trip!

See the world through your own eyes, and for what it is. Not for what your friend, or the media, or the President says it is. All of our experiences and reasons may be varied, and there are a multitude of pathways. Use sites such as this, as a guide, to help alleviate some of that apprehension, but not as an ultimate authority.

To leaving this earth with no regrets…

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