Embrace The Butterflies

Embrace those butterflies, in your gut.

You know that sensation you only feel when you're entering an uncomfortable situation. You may feel it when you approach (or think about approaching) an attractive person. Making that sales call, heading in to an interview, entering a business meeting, touching down in a new country or any myriad of things.

Butterflies mean you're doing something you don't usually do. It causes nervousness, it gives you some trepidation.

Rely on your liquid courage, but I'm not talking about alcohol, I'm referring to those chemicals that begin to swirl around in your gut, prepping you for a decision.

Fight or flight, go or don't go, do or don't do, speak or don’t speak, kill it or fall flat.

Butterflies solves problems. Butterflies get things done. Butterflies get you down the road when all others have turned around.

Learn to embrace those butterflies, it means you’re finally living life the way it was meant to be lived!

What was the last butterfly-inducing thing you did?..

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