Are You A Traveler Or A Tourist

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

You probably didn’t realize there was a difference between the two labels, but the locals certainly do.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever for a person to hop on a plane and visit any corner of the globe. With the increase in international travel and prominence of social media sites like Instagram showing endless feeds of travel photos, the question of whether one is a ‘tourist’ versus a ‘traveler’ has reached more diverse circles.

It really depends on your level of interaction within the local culture, the amount of effort you make. If you’re new to all this and aren’t yet comfortable with ventures too far off the beaten path, then by all means, take your time. But if you’re at the crossroads, and need a nudge, read on.

Most tourists take vacations, while travelers take trips.

The majority of vacationers are still working, and may only have 2 or 3 weeks of available time per year. There are some tricks of the trade to get more out of your 2 weeks, but the bottom line is, your time, and money, is limited.

If the idea of spending that limited time galavanting around strange places and trying to decipher foreign tongues, doesn’t appeal to you, then you prefer tourism and that’s perfectly fine.

Never met a cruise ship, with all of its pre-planned activities, you didn’t like?

You're not alone. It’s the most popular way to travel. From singles cruises and bachelor parties to honeymoons and family vacations. Millions of vacationers, from all walks of life, flood the cruise lines and ports every season. And with exotic-sounding destinations like St. Croix or Turks & Caicos, you can get a bit of adventure, with your all-you-can-eat plan.

It’s a very personal thing, of course. And if the goal of your vacation is to just unwind, totally relax and be catered to, and soak up the sun with a Colada permanently attached to your hand, then do just that. Throw in an excursion or two and that favorite male past time of girl watching on the beach, and that could be the best vacation you’ve ever had.

Come back home with your batteries fully recharged and ready to take on life's stresses once more. At least until your next allotted vacation time, that is.

But if that’s getting old to you, you’re starting to feel that ‘been there, done that’ syndrome, then you are probably ready to venture into the next phase.

The length of time spent on a trip isn’t the biggest factor, especially since most of us are working stiffs. It’s how you use it. Flying hundreds, or thousands of miles from home, to sit in hotel rooms watching netflix, or next to a pool all day, everyday, doesn’t maximize your time. Nor does it lend to the improvement in lifestyle you want to make.

You could accomplish more, for the same money you would spend on an all-inclusive package.

You don’t need to do risky stuff or throw caution to the wind, but it WILL take a leap of faith. Don’t worry, there are ways to minimize the unknown. To hedge against the unfamiliar.

Decided? Now plan. Then act.

Yes, its that easy.

Live with purpose..

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